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One of the cutest towns in Turkey, Alaçatı is the most popular holidaydestination on the Aegean coastline with its renovated stone houses, charmingboutique hotels, dining and entertainment venues that overspill to the streets,and coves and beaches each more beautiful than the other...Known as the pearlof Turkey, Alaçatı is a town of beautiful İzmir on the western coastline, andstands as a flavor center with its local dishes and a vast variety of mezesmade from Aegean herbs.


Embodying in full the refreshing spirit ofthe Aegean, Alaçatı takes you to a warm, sincere and vivacious time with itscolorful stone houses and narrow alleys. You want to stay at Alaçatı where youwill be greeted by a historic two-century old mastic tree as soon as you enterthe town. As you head towards the coast, you will start feeling that famousAlaçatı wind coming amidst the unique stone houses and cobblestone roads. Stonehouses adorned by a motley collection of flowers are not only beautiful butalso functional as they keep their residents cool in summers and warm inwinters thanks to the specially cut stones used to build them. This array ofhouses sees guests from all around the world off to the Alaçatı coastline.

As you wander in the narrow and beautifulalleys of Alaçatı, where the warm, sweet and delightful Aegean atmosphere comesinto existence, you will smell the scent of so many flowers. Bougainvillea,black pepper trees, mastic trees, mimosas and fragrant jasmines will treat youboth with their smell and sight.

Aegean´s regional cuisine makes vibrant scene in Alaçatı

After a walk on the colorful streets of Alaçatı, it is now time to indulgeyourself and enjoy the Aegean cuisine! Alaçatı is one of the best destinationsto eat “kumru”, a special comfort dish unique to the region. Includingsausages, fermented Turkish sausages, tomatoes and tulum cheese stuffed insidethe special kumru bread of İzmir, “kumru” is a great snack in summers as wellas the best way to assuage your hunger after a swimming session in the sea.


Alaçatı treats its guests to an excellent feast with everything from snacksto the mezes and desserts. Small restaurants hosting their patrons on old stylesmall chairs and tables placed alongside the streets offer many flavors rangingfrom the specialty of the region, artichoke, to Aegean mezes and olive oildishes where the traditional recipes meet the modern. After all these dishesthat provide the lightness unique to the Mediterranean and which are a delightto see, taste and digest, it is now time for the dessert. And should you alsowish to cool yourself, then make sure you save some space for Alaçatı’s veryown mastic milk pudding (sakızlı muhallebi) and mastic ice cream (sakızlıdondurma).

Alaçatı with its sea and the wind

Abundant wind over the blue waters makesAlaçatı an ideal spot particularly for water sports and windsurfing. With windsaround 15-25 knots, Alaçatı is the choice of many amateur and professionalwindsurfers from all around the world. So much so that Alaçatı has almostbecome the home of windsurfing worldwide, as a result of which a largewindsurfing center as well as many windsurfing schools are available along theshore. 

Should you wish to get away from thehustle and bustle of Alaçatı, just try the Delikli Cove with its holey stonesand pristine waters. This hidden cove also protects against the windsurrounding it, providing nothing short of a paradise for those who wish toenjoy the blue sea and serenity.