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Yayla is the Turkish word for plateaus, alpine pastures andhighlands. But in Turkey they’re so much more than just that, yaylas arebasically a way of life. The hilly lands of the Black Sea Region,as well as along the Mediterranean and Aegean, are perfectly suitedfor growing all sorts of wildlife, and in the hot summer months they of coursemake the perfect getaway!

The hills have coolbreezes, a local way of life all their own, local foods and local customs, andrepresent one of the great ways to discover the beauty of Turkey.

Check out the mostspectacular yaylas in Turkey, perfect for hiking, picnicking, camping, or justenjoying the rarified air of these incredible spots.

Pokut Yayla

The hike up to the2,170-meters-high Pokut is stunning and the yayla itself features somebeautiful homes, some of which as up to 250-years-old. The greeneryand vistas from this yayla make it a wonderful picnicking spot and it´s a spotthat´s really representative of typical Black Sea beauty.

Spruce trees line theyayla, and are at an altitude you´ll rarely find elsewhere. The yayla islocated about two hours from the nearest town center of Çamlıhemşin in theprovince of Rize.

Suğla Yayla

This beautiful yaylasits right within the quaint little village of Sarnıç. It featuresgiant fir trees and pine trees, and is surrounded by spectacular green nature.It´s a perfect spot to bring a spread for a picnic. Since 2014, it´s alsoplayed host to various national and international motorcyclingcompetitions.

Uzungöl Yayla

Uzungöl (Literallymeaning "Long Lake") is a spectacular lake located to the south ofthe city of Trabzon. The yayla overlooking it is simply stunning, afeatures a wealth of wildlife you´ll find just about nowhere else. There areover 60 endemic plant species, 59 mammals and 250 bird species that are listedas protected around Uzungöl, and the entire natural area is underconservation. This means you can enjoy the unspoilt nature overlooking one ofthe world´s most beautiful lakes and bask in pure natural beauty. One ofTurkey’s greatest yayla experiences.

Gömbe Yayla

Antalya is known for sun, sea, and sand... but when youwant to get away from the heat there´s a wonderful resort yayla just waitingfor you! Gömbe features restaurants and places to stay and alocal culture that is famous for its hospitality. Everyone you see willgreet you in the street and treat you like a long lost family member. GömbeYayla is typically snow-capped even in summer, so in the winter itgets quite chilly, but the wood-heated huts are extremely warm and cozy, andthere are fewer people than the summer months as well, giving you an extrasense of local flavor. Gömbe even has a kebab local to the yayla,made with local goats that is succulent and juicy.

Gömbe represents a realretreat from both city life and the Antalya experience you know so well andlove. A day or two up in the hills is the perfect getaway, go out and discoverit yourself!

Bürücek Yayla

BürücekYayla is unlike most typical yaylas inthat it is situated relatively near a city center. The wind still blowsfeircely and it still provides relief from the hot summer sun, so it´s a commonday trip for locals who want to escape the hot sun of the city of Adana.

It also represents one of the oldestsettlements of the region right at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.Many of the houses are used as summer homes by wealthy residents, and you cansee some of them have been renovated to exceptional standards. It´s a greatplace to come in the summer and look out over one of the great cities ofTurkey.