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The town of Göreme is at the heart of the Göreme National Park. Historically it was known as Korama. The town is at the centre of several interesting attractions. You can walk or bike between them. With a wide variety of cave hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops, Göreme’s infrastructure is amongst the best in Cappadocia. The whole place is a perfect combination of nature and architecture. Several hills surround Göreme, and there are cave hotels for all tastes and budgets. Gorgeous views are everywhere, and you can enjoy them from different angles.

The town has hosted many civilizations in history starting with the Hittites right through until the Ottomans. One of the famous of these civilisations were the Christians who escaped oppression here between the 6th and the 13th centuries.

1 – Göreme Open-Air Museum

Visiting Göreme Open-Air Museum is like entering into another world. There are many churches, chapels and living spaces carved into the rocks of this valley. This is where monastic life in the region began and the Christians who escaped oppression became missionaries and hermits. The Women’s and Men’s Monasteries, Elmalı (Apple) Church, Yılanlı (Snake) Church, Çarıklı (Sandal) Church, Dark Church, St. Barbara and St. Basil Churches and Tokalı (Buckle) Church will impress you with their unique frescoes and take you on a journey through history. This is the place that should be top of your list of places to visit. The Göreme Open-Air Museum has been listed amongst UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list since 6 December 1985.

You can visit this page for opening hours and entrance fee information.

2- Güvercinlik Valley

Güvercinlik Valley, which starts in Uçhisar and extends to Göreme, covering an area of 4 km, takes its name from the pigeon lofts carved into the rocks. The people of the region fed these pigeons until the ninth century and used their manure in the vineyards and their eggs in the gypsum of the frescos. If you want to see both the pigeon nests and the unique vegetation that nature offers, you should definitely visit this valley. There is also a waterfall that flows from a height of 15 metres. It should be on your Cappadocia Things to Do list both for its trekking opportunities and for taking some great photos!

3- Güllüdere Valley

This valley is home to some of the most beautiful settings of the fairy chimneys and gives you the opportunity to see them close up as you walk through its 4 km length. In the valley there are also remains and churches from the monastic life of the ancient Christians. Three Cross Church built in the 7th century. Ayvalı Church, which dates back to the 9th century and nestles between the vineyards and the apricot trees, is one of the important historical buildings of the valley.

4- Love Valley

If you are planning to propose or want to do something romantic this is the place to go. It is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia. Properly known as Bağlıdere Valley, but universally referred to as Love Valley it starts from Örencik on the Göreme – Uçhisar road and ends on the Göreme-Avanos road. The length of the valley is 4.9 km. It takes about 2 and a half hours to properly explore. The end of the valley is also where Cappadocia Balloon tours land. Fairy chimneys with their cute hats, various shapes and colours make it a visual feast.

5- Zemi Valley

Starting from near the Göreme Open-Air Museum on the Nevşehir-Ürgüp road and Zemi Valley extends to Kermir Hill. The distance between Göreme and the entrance of the valley is 5600 metres. Sarnıç Church, Görkündere Church, Hidden Church and El Nazar Church are located in this valley. You will encounter rich vegetation in this hidden valley, which is a great location for a walk.

6- Göreme Panorama

Göreme Panorama is where Cappadocia lies below you like a handcrafted patterned carpet. A great place to relax and soak up the atmosphere or enjoy a coffee break. If you visit the Göreme Panorama at sunset, you can watch the terrain turn red: Take an extra layer as it can suddenly get quite cool. Do not forget to take plenty of photos.