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Cittaslow Cities 

Tranquility in nature and silence in historical surroundings! Turkey, themeeting point of different civilizations and unique natural beauty, has 18Cittaslow towns in seven regions. Towns with historical character, settlementson high altitude plateaus, stone houses on narrow streets near the seacoast -all of them await you to get away from the crowds and to relax inserenity! 

What is Cittaslow?

Cittaslow is an organization and movement that wasinspired by the Slow Food movement that promotes local and traditional food (asan alternative to fast food). Hence, the "slow" moniker. Cittaslowfocuses on towns that promote a high-quality, sustainable lifestyle in contrastto an urban lifestyle that harms the environment and puts pressure on people.It supports cultural diversity and uniqueness in towns and regions and isagainst the idea of settlements and countries becoming ever more homogenizedand globalized. Not surprisingly, Turkey has several “quiet towns,” members ofthe Cittaslow movement, as the Turkish lifestyle tends to fit within itsmandate.