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sports in Turkey

Turkey is a wonderland of sports! It is a hot spot for sports lovers andprofessional athletes with its excellent resorts, training camp opportunities,splendid hotels, amazing nature, and temperate weather conditions.

Throughout the year, many professional athletes andprofessional teams choose to come to Turkey for training and professionaldevelopment.

Turkey has it all - whether you are planning toorganize friendlies or a tournament at high-quality facilities, or you are onthe lookout for challenging opponents, great facilities, or world-class sportscomplexes, courts, tracks, and fields.

What is more, the peacefulness of nature is the idealchoice for relaxing and gaining back your energy after a long and tryingseason. You can truly be reborn in Turkey!


Turkey continues to showcase the top-notch qualityof its basketball in international competitions with its national team and itsleague teams. One of the secrets of this success is the vision for thedevelopment of the country’s technical infrastructure. Basketball schools andfacilities in Turkey continue to surprise and attract the attention ofbasketball fans in terms of quality and knowledge. A new era in basketballstarted under the leadership of Turkish Basketball Federation President HidayetTürkoğlu, who played in the NBA for years. The success of Turkish basketballteams that compete in the EuroLeague is indicative of the importance ofbasketball in Turkey – we are constantly challenging ourselves! Turkey’sbasketball facilities and training camps await teams to train and prepare forthe next season. You can also perform successfully your special matchorganizations by working with professional teams in Turkey. Basketball matchesin Turkey are played in front of a passionate and broad audience.








indoor and beach


Volleyball is one of the most popular sports inTurkey. Turkey has many high-quality sports complexes and sand courts. TheTurkish national volleyball team and Turkish volleyball clubs are famous theworld over. Their reputation comes from a professional attitude and discipline.Turkey has excellent training facilities that are new and in compliance withFIVB standards and regulations. International volleyball teams that havevisited Turkey have been impressed and have witnessed the direct effect of themodern and high-quality infrastructure on performance. Turkey invites you todiscover the strength of your team with tough friendly matches. You can have agreat training camp experience at luxury resorts which have their own indoorand sand volleyball courts. We guarantee an unforgettable experience andpromise that your team’s improvement will surprise you.


Tennis is very popular and well-respected inTurkey. The clubs established by tennis enthusiasts in Turkey and the tennisfacilities showcase the status of tennis in our country. Turkey does not onlygive importance to team sports such as football and basketball - steps havebeen taken and investments have been made on individual sports as well. You canorganize international tournaments, training camps, and friendlies at Turkishfacilities that conform with international standards and offer ultramodernconditions and large spectator seating capacity. In addition, our country´sprofessionals place great importance on the training of young tennis players.You can familiarize your child with tennis at facilities with tennis courtswhile you enjoy your holiday. You can also make new friendships at tennisclubs, which offer unique opportunities and services once you become a member.

windsurfing and

Turkey offers a dreamy experience for surf loversin the pure waters where wind and waves come together to provide the perfectexperience. Alaçatı, a holiday paradise, has become increasingly popular inrecent years and is the ideal destination for those seeking an internationalsurfing experience. There are many facilities here that will satisfy bothamateur and professional sportspeople. The Aegean and Mediterranean waters haveexcellent wind maps for surfing. If you want to surf and spend your remainingholiday time to the fullest, you are at the right place! In Turkey, there aremany different alternatives for finding peace in nature, and spending quiet,enjoyable moments with your friends after surfing. Surfing is freedom andnobody understands this better than us.

scuba diving

Turkey has hundreds of dive sites where you canscuba dive. Here, you can enjoy the sun, observe thousands of species andvarieties of marine life and coral reefs in the crystal-clear waters, and swimin unique, beautiful bays with rich underwater habitats. Both amateur andprofessional divers will find the water temperature ideal as it does notdisturb that of your body. On almost every coastline of Turkey, professionaldiving schools organize tours to make your holiday unforgettable. There arealso abundant opportunities for professional divers. Turkey’s endemic sea lifeoffers a unique experience and learning opportunity. If you are looking for aprofessional tour with your international certificate or to gain a memorableunderwater experience with your own team, Turkey´s underwater world is theperfect choice. We recommend that you don’t leave Turkey without diving intoits underwater wonderland and adding more once-in-a-lifetime memories to youradventure in Turkey.


Olympic water sports facilities in Turkey providethe best conditions for swimmers who aspire to be champions. Olympic outdoorand indoor swimming pools, outdoor swimming pools, Olympic diving pools,Olympic water polo pools, and rehabilitation pools…

All are designed to the highest standards for professional swimmers andswimming teams. The temperate climate in Turkey allows you to plan yourtraining sessions at Olympic outdoor swimming pools year-round. We alsounderstand how important oxygen levels are for the improvement of performance.Athletes can also choose to stay in Antalya at luxury resorts which have theirown swimming facilities. Luxury indoor sports complexes can be used forstrength training sessions. Turkish swimming facilities are waiting to turnyour swimmers into sailfish!


Runners who want to push their limits should lookno further than Turkey. While they train outdoors, runners can feel thecountry’s long and varied history, and experience nature, and later, they canenjoy the luxury services of the hospitality sector. Turkey has many Olympicstadiums with top-quality running tracks. If you have a professional team,training sessions on these tracks are highly recommended. Amateur runners don’tnecessarily need a running track - they can create their own personal one! Turkey’sgeographical advantages offer new challenges and new adventures for allrunners. There are also numerous races and events for running enthusiasts. Themost popular one is the İstanbul Marathon which offers the unique experience ofcrossing continents. We invite you to experience Turkey’s beauty and culturewhile running. You can also check hiking and trekking routes in Turkey.


Equestrianism is one of Turkey’s traditional andindigenous sports. Horses and horseback riding are very important for theTurkish people, and there are many equestrian facilities in Turkey. Turkey´svaried natural landscape allows you to ride along paths and roads as well as inuntouched nature. While riding a horse you can experience the real Turkishvillage life, the beauty of nature, the turquoise sea, and rural environmentsaway from the crowds of the city. You can choose from a wide range ofhorseback-riding holidays in Turkey. You will have the opportunity to discoverTurkey´s breathtaking landscape on horseback, and travel in the green plateausof our country. On organized trips, you will be accompanied by expert guideswho help inexperienced riders learn everything from equestrian terminology tohow to show a horse affection. You can find indoor riding facilities, ridingtrips for both experienced riders and beginners, plus opportunities to hire ahorse by the hour. From April to October, Turkey is the perfect destination forhorseback-riding holidays. There are also many first-rate races andorganizations for professional riders. Check the Turkish racing calendar andexperience amazing moments.


As a traditional and indigenous sport, archery isvery important for the Turkish community. The Turkish national archery teamincludes very successful world-renowned professional archers with many goldmedals and cups in official international competitions. Our country providesthe best archery facilities to professional archers who want to improve theirperformance, and to international archery tournament organizations that want toorganize a unique competition. Turkey invites you to experience archery whileenjoying both history and nature.