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Alaçatı, Çeşme & Urla

It is the rising star of Turkey’s Aegean coasts! Located in the west ofİzmir; Urla, Çeşme and its small towns Alaçatı are prominent holidaydestinations of Turkey’s Aegean coasts with the turquoise sea, the goldenbeaches, and the natural environment!

Çeşme is one of the most popular tourist areas ofIzmir with its therapeutic thermal waters, historical monuments, and beautifulbeaches. Especially the Alaçatı region of Çeşme is visited by tens of thousandsof holidaymakers every year. Alaçatı is a famous windsurfing destination whilethe Çeşme Peninsula as a whole offer plenty of unique and unforgettable holidayalternatives.

The playground of Turkey´s gilded youth, Çeşme,and neighboring Alaçatı, have managed to retain their azure beauty.They lie at the end of an isthmus west of Izmir and have longbeen a popular holiday spot, particularly with windsurfers and kitesurfers.

One of the quaintest towns in Turkey, Alaçatı isone of the most popular holiday destinations on the Aegean coastline with itsrenovated stone houses, charming boutique hotels, dining and entertainmentvenues that overspill into the streets, and coves and beaches each morebeautiful than the other... Known as the pearl of Turkey, Alaçatı is part ofthe beautiful city of Izmir on the western coast of Turkey. Itis renowned for its local dishes and a vast variety of mezes which showcase theflavorsome Aegean herbs.

Located in the south of the Çeşme PeninsulaAlaçatı hasbecome one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations with its historicalstone houses, windmills, calm sea, and its wind that is perfect forwindsurfing. Thanks to the wind, it is possible to enjoy sunbathing all day aswell!

The rising popularity of Alaçatı hasresulted in the opening of a large number of hotels and pensions. Restored fromhistorical stone houses, the boutique hotels offer guests comfort paired withthe warmth of home. Some of the windmills, which are the town’s symbol, havebeen turned into cafés and restaurants. If you’re looking for peace and serenity, Alaçatı isthe perfect choice with its stone houses adorned in bougainvilleas, itscobblestoned streets, beautiful nature, rich history, and warm and graciouslocals.

The best way to get around Çeşme and Alaçatı is by car, especially if you’re hoping to visitsome of the nearby beaches. However, if you are staying historical town center,everything is within walking distance – there’re shops, restaurants, and cafésgalore!

Alaçatı is notone of those places where you follow a to-do list to the letter – instead,wandering through the cobblestone streets and checking out the colorfulbuildings is highly recommended. Take it easy and sip on Turkish coffee duringthe day, and cocktails at night.

Alaçatı isa popular place for both tourists and locals to enjoy lazy days bythe beach and busy nights in the bars and restaurants that line the cobbledstreets.

A mere two decades ago this rather unassuming villagesome 10 km southeast of Çeşme was known predominantly for itsexcellent olive oil and world-class windsurfing. But thanks to someforward-thinking hoteliers, who transformed many of its dilapidated taşevleri (stone houses) into high-end boutique accommodation,Alaçatı has become one of Turkey’s hottest destinations.

A walk along Kemalpaşa Caddesi in Merkez, thecenter, showcases the town´s main attractions: world-class boutique hotels,restaurants specializing in Aegean cuisine, sleek cafés, and high-end boutiquescatering to fashion enthusiasts of both sexes.

Alaçatı, ranked eighth in the 2010 list “31Places to See on Earth” published by the New York Times. It is one of thethree best and most famous surfing spots in the world, along with the CanaryIslands and Cape Verde.

With its deep-blue sea, houses covered inbright-colored bougainvillea, and cobblestone pavements, Alaçatı islike a fairy tale straight out of the 1800s.

Urla is anamazing part of the Aegean coast with a 40-kilometer-long coastline, clean sea,great nature, and historical sites. Just 35 kilometers from the city centerof Izmir, Urla promises visitors an unforgettable vacation.

The district is very close to tourist destinationslike Çeşme, Seferihisar, and Karaburun. Followingexcavations, it was discovered that the Limantepe tumulus atthe İskele quarter dates back to 4000 BC. Limantepe,the oldest port in the Aegean Sea and Klazomenai, known inantiquity for its olive oil production, are two important sites in Urla.

Urla has always been the home of famous andwell-accomplished artists and artisans. The city is known for its dynamism andfestivals such as the International Artichoke Festival andthe Barboros Oyuk Festival. Urla residents will welcome you withwarmth, and introduce you to their traditions and to the city’s creative,genial atmosphere.