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COVID-19 tourist protection
and support insurance

Hostingmillions of tourists every year, Türkiye launches pioneering practices fromtransport to accommodation to ensure that tourists have a safe visit in thecourse of the pandemic. In this respect, one of the first countries to launchthe "Safe Tourism Certificate" practice, Türkiye now offers the"Tourist Protection Support Insurance" and "Extra AccommodationCost Guarantee" in a single package for a more enjoyable and safevacation. This new insurance package will let tourists have a safe vacation inTürkiye, one of the world´s key tourist destinations with unique history,nature and culture.

TouristProtection and Support Insurance

For a more joyous and safer holiday in Türkiye, atourism center with its history, nature and culture, you can get the TouristProtection and Support Insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

With this project implemented by Türkiye Sigorta underthe leadership of the Republic of Türkiye, guests who want to spend a holidaywith a peace of mind at the heavenly destinations of Türkiye, leave fatigue andstress of many months behind without worrying about Covid-19.

İstanbul, Bodrum, Cappadocia, Marmaris, Nemrut,Antalya and other wonders of Turkey… Guests exploring the unique beauties ofTürkiye in its azure blue waters, lush green highlands, wide canyons and openair museums, enjoy their holiday with the Tourist Protection and SupportInsurance whilst leaving the fear of Covid-19 that took over the whole worldbehind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the policy and what does it cover?

The policy pays the medical expenses of the patientswho are treated in the hospital with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis. If thepatient is hospitalized in one of the in-network providers, the payment is madethrough the Türkiye Sigorta authorization system.

The payment for out-of-network providers is made bythe person.

The scope of insurance is determined by the coverageslisted in the policy. We kindly advise you to review your policy in order tolearn the advantages provided to you with the insurance.

What is the duration of the policy?

Up to maximum 30 days depending on the duration oftravel of the insured.

Does the policy have a day limit for hospitalization?

In the event that the insured is hosptalized inintensive care before the policy expires, the treatment will continue for 10days, even if it expires within this period.

Is there a waiting period?

There is no waiting period for the Covid-19 TouristProtection and Support Insurance.

Is there an age limit for this policy?

Anyone between 0 and 65 years of age can benefit fromCovid-19 Tourist Protection and Support Insurance.

What is covered by the Covid-19 Private HealthInsurance Coverage Expenses Insurance?

All health expenses of tourists that may occur in anyof the pandemic hospitals, whether private or public, arising fromhospitalization due to Covid-19 during their travels in our country are coveredby this product including the intensive care costs. The payment process startsas soon as the authorization department of Türkiye Sigorta is contacted duringthe admission to the hospital.

Under which conditions the claims are paid?

In order for the person to be admitted to the hospitalor to the intensive care with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 and for thepayment of claims, the hospital should contact the authorization department ofTürkiye Sigorta and submit a request. If the hospital is a pandemic hospitalbut an out-of-network provider, payment is made by the person.

What is required for payments to be made forout-of-network providers?

Copies of entrance and exit stamps in the passport,copy of the first page of the passport, discharge report, doctor’s follow-upforms, detailed list of items listed in the invoice and examination results arerequired for taking the invoices issued by out-of-network providers intoconsideration.

Accommodation Support Insurance

The Covid-19 Accommodation Support Insuranceguarantees the extra accommodation expenses that may be incurred by thetourists visiting Türkiye for travel, following the issuance of a medicalreport requiring them to be kept under custody at the hotel where they stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product content and coverage?

This policy is valid on the condition of accommodatingat the Safe Tourism certified hotels since the beginning of the accommodationof the Foreign Tourist. If surveillance decision is taken by public pandemichospitals because of Covid-19 within the scope and duration of the policy, andif the insure has to prolong their accommodation duration at the hotel, dailycompensation amount within the coverage scope of the package chosen will bepaid to the insure.

Is the coverage chosen within the package scope paidto the hotel or insured?

Compensation payments Health Insurances are made tothe right owner. Therefore, the payments in the related policies will be madeto the insured, the right owner.

What is the compensation duration?

Maximum compensation duration to be paid during thepolicy period is 15 days.

Does it matter if the hospital which decides forsurveillance is private of public hospital?

The hospital which decides for supervisory should bepublic hospital.

Is there any waiting period?

No, there is not any waiting period.

Is there any age limitation?

Tourists between the ages of 0-65 who visit ourcountry can benefit from this product.

Is there any special clause for policy coveragecommencement?

The coverage will be valid on the insurancecommencement date; policy coverage commencement date cannot be before the dateof entry to the boundaries of Turkish Republic. As the commencement date, thedate specified on the passport will be taken as basis. Even if the policyexpiry date is future dated, coverage expires when it is detected that theinsured go outside of the Turkish boundaries based on the passport.

Does any compensation payment made if the supervisorydecision is taken during the tour period after Covid-19 diagnosis within thetour scope?

Even though the insurance coverage expires at the endof the tour, if the surveillance decision is made during the tour, compensationis paid during the maximum compensation period even if the tour duration ends.For example, In a 7-day tour, if a surveillance decision is made on the 5thday,  13 days of compensation will be paid in case of an extra stay at thehotel for 15 days.

What is the daily coverage limit?

The maximum compensation period to be paid during thepolicy shall be limited to the outcome obtained by multiplying the daily hotelaccommodation fee for one with 15 days and and limited to maximum 1500€. Ourproduct is arranged on the basis of compensation and the daily amount ofcompensation specified in the scope of the guarantee is paid to the insuree.The daily compensation fee payable might not be higher than the daily hotelroom fee.